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About us

We develop apps that make your life easier, so you can spend time on selling instead of doing manual work.

For many years we have developed different app's for many types of businesses and industries. We develop standard apps for the best-known ERP systems, web shops, and supply management applications. We can also customize your particular solution based on your specific needs.

Our standard apps work one way or another way depending on the solution you need.

We have 7 dedicated and professional developers, who work on developing solutions for our customers.

We are experts in most ERP systems and web shops and have many years of experience using these programs.

Contact us at +40 11 17 30 or mail info@2app.dk for further dialogue on how we can help your business.

Our Products

See our various integrations for Webshops and ERP

Our skills

We develop standard apps to connect webshops with accounting systems. We can also customize your app so it fits your specific preferences

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If you want to become a partner and sell our apps you have the opportunity for it through an attractive partner program.

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